1 Month Class PLAYFUL MONOLINE – Online class with Bakhyt Kadyrova


1, 8, 15, 22 December  2021 – from 3:00 pm (Rome Time, GMT+2+)
in Direct Via ZOOM

The Zoom session will be recorded. 



+39 349-6051804 (Whatsapp)

“The Workshop is aimed at everyone: designers, professionals, students, graphic designers, tattoo artists, letter lovers, just curious people or anyone interested in calligraphy, both as an artistic medium and as a graphic element to complete or enrich an editorial or advertising work.

– Buy the Workshop through the normal e-commerce procedure of the site
– The days before the Workshop, you will receive the PDF handout and your personal address to access the Zoom Direct with the rest of the Class by mail and the link for the dedicated Facebook Group


4 Meeting live on ZOOM during 1 month shared with teacher and class with the possibility to interact at the moment.
1 Meeting for each week, Duration of the single meeting is 1 hour + Extra time (max 30 minutes) for Q&A

– Homeworks and Comments every week by the Teacher
This is not exactly Homeworks Correction, it’s comments or suggestions by the teacher if the student, posts his homeworks on FB group.

– Handouts and Work sheets in PDF format, Video recordings available for 1 Month

– Exclusive Access to the Dedicated Facebook Group with exclusive contains
As exclusive contains i mean for example the scan of the demonstrations that the teacher made during the lessons (if the teacher agree)

• TOPIC: Playful Monoline: Round & Square

The aesthetic of sans-serif monoline block letters is quite different from thick and think calligraphy. It is another interesting option to play with letterforms. During the class we will explore many possibilities of monoline lettering, starting from standard Roman Capitals and then modifying their shapes, weight, and proportions, step by step switching from legible writing to making various text patterns.

We will also look at iconic poster letterforms from Art Nouveau, Plakatstil, Modernism, showcard and poster styles of the early XX century, some historical writing styles (such as runic and Cyrillic), modern German calligraphy, Dutch typography, and nowadays lettering artists. We will try writing some of these forms with monoline (such as square and round tips bent nibs) and broad edge tools.

SUPPLY LIST (excluded from the registration fee) WORLDWIDE SHOP • SHOP  IN ITALIA

Writing supplies:

  • Round tip bent nibs: Speedball B: sizes B-2, B-3, and B-5, or any other Redis type nibs, sizes 2-2,5 mm and 1 mm.
  • Square tip bent nibs: Speedball A: sizes A-1, A-2, A-3, or Brause & Co, No. 505, sizes 4-3-2 mm, or William Mitchell’s suaqre tip nibs.
  • Automatic pen sizes 3-5.
  • Ink: any non-waterproof, like Higgins Eternal or Sepia, walnut, Parker Quink, Pelikan, or any other fountain ink
  • Watercolor or acrylic ink: two or three of your color selection.
  • A cheep brush for nib feeding.
  • Black fine liner about 0,3 mm.
  • Pencil, eraser, masking tape.
  • Water container.


  • Practice paper: A3 sketch, charcoal or drawing paper. You can use graph paper as well.
  • 1 sheet of good white watercolor or printmaking paper (Arches or Fabriano) about 120 g, cut into 8 pieces


Bakhyt Kadyrova is a calligrapher and lettering artist from Kazakhstan. She started doing calligraphy in 2017 and has studied with many well-known masters. Bakhyt has been noticed for her dedicated calligraphy work, being featured in Scripsit, Vol. 42 No. 1 among the new wave of lettering artists. The Playful Monoline title was published in the latest Speedball Textbook issue, her lettering work was featured in other publications too. She gives classes both locally in her city, and for international audience as well. She was one of the speakers at the latest Russian calligraphy conference Calligrafest 2020. Recently she participated in two art residences for creating artist books, where she employs calligraphy and lettering as an artistic medium.

See more information on: www.astercalligraphy.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aster.calligraphy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aster.calligraphy


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