On the Shoulders of Giants – online live class with David Gasser


28th and 29th July 2020 – from7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Rome Time, GMT+2+)
in Direct Via ZOOM

The Zoom session will be recorded. If you are unable to watch live, you may still take the class.
Links for the videos will be sent to you after class has ended and expire in 1 week.



+39 349-6051804 (Whatsapp)

“The workshop is aimed at everyone: designers, professionals, students, graphic designers, tattoo artists, letter lovers, just curious people or anyone interested in calligraphy, both as an artistic medium and as a graphic element to complete or enrich an editorial or advertising work.


– Buy the Workshop through the normal e-commerce procedure of the site

– The days before the Workshop, you will receive the PDF handout and your personal address to access the Zoom Direct with the rest of the Class by mail.


– 4 Hours live on ZOOM in 2 Days shared with teacher and class with the possibility to interact at the moment.

– Handouts and Work sheets in PDF format


You can be part of this class even if your experience with calligraphy, pens & ink is minimal. If you are experienced, an in-depth analysis and review of the Roman majuscules will further refine your calligraphic expertise.

• TOPIC: On the Shoulders of Giants – a (re)Introduction to the Roman Majuscules

Dorothy Mahoney and Friedrich Neugebauer, among others, believed that beginning calligraphy students are best served by first studying the Roman majuscule in order to learn letterforms and to develop a feeling for how letters of the same family resemble each other. This course is dedicated to deepening our understanding of the Roman majuscule. We will build up our skill by first drafting the letters to exacting proportions supported by an analysis of form and proportion. Letters will then be written in ink using a monoline nib to underscore the importance of how one’s fingers, hand, wrist and arm contribute to feeling (and keeping) the nib in contact with the paper. We will then move to a broad-edged pen to write simplified Roman majuscules and end with a discussion of proper spacing. Proper posture, body movement and the development of muscle memory is a thread that weaves through the entire workshop.

SUPPLY LIST (excluded from the registration fee) WORLDWIDE SHOP • SHOP  IN ITALIA

  • Several (darker, contrasting) colored pencils and a pencil sharpener
  • A straight-edge ruler or transparent drafting triangle
  • A straight pen holder with Speedball B-3 nib and a C-2 nib (The B-3 is really important)
  • Higgins Eternal ink or gouache prepared for writing with a pen
  • Translucent marker, layout or sketch paper (13.5 – 18 lb, or 50 – 70 g). Any other lightweight papers (but not tracing paper).
  • 2 paper clips
  • Pencil, eraser, paper towels or rags, etc.
  • A protractor is helpful but optional 


David Gasser is a calligrapher and photographer living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is the calligraphy instructor at the University of Puerto Rico where he teaches introductory calligraphy to undergraduate students. Most of his students have never seen a bottle of ink or a dip pen before they enroll in his class, yet they leave with a practical understanding of letterform, spacing and basic design principles for both the Roman majuscule and the Foundational hands. Since beginning his calligraphic studies in 2014, David has had the opportunity to study intensively with some of the world’s most respected teachers, providing him with a solid background in letterform and the use of broad-edged pens and brushes in a wide variety of styles. Calligraphy, he believes, is a meditative activity that helps to drown out the noises of everyday life, allowing the scribe to concentrate on breathing and posture, as well as letterforms and composition.



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1 review for On the Shoulders of Giants – online live class with David Gasser

  1. Miriam Jones (verified owner)

    A clear approach that made Roman majuscules less intimidating.

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