Elfabeth – Online class with Alex Stel


10, 17, 24, 31 January 2024 – from 8:00 p(Rome Time, GMT+2)
in Live Via ZOOM – The Zoom sessions will be recorded. 


+39 349-6051804 (Whatsapp)

“The Workshop is aimed at everyone: designers, professionals, students, graphic designers, tattoo artists, letter lovers, just curious people or anyone interested in calligraphy, both as an artistic medium and as a graphic element to complete or enrich an editorial or advertising work.

– Buy the Workshop through the normal e-commerce procedure of the site
– The days before the Workshop, you will receive the PDF handout and your personal address to access the Zoom Direct with the rest of the Class by mail and the link/access for the dedicated PADLET page


4 Meeting live on ZOOM during 1 month shared with teacher and class with the possibility to interact at the moment.
1 Meeting for each week, Duration of the single meeting is around 1 h/1:15 h 

– Homeworks and Comments every week by the Teacher
This is not exactly Homeworks Correction, it’s comments or suggestions by the teacher if the student, posts his homeworks on PADLET group.

– Handouts and Work sheets in PDF format, Video recordings available for 1 month 24/7 from the end of the Workshop

– Exclusive Access to the Dedicated PADLET Group with exclusive contains
As exclusive contains i mean for example the scan of the demonstrations that the teacher made during the lessons (if the teacher agree)

• TOPIC: Tales of Ink and Magic: Unveiling the secrets of Elfabet

Alex is deeply in love with the beauty of letters, enchanted forests, fairytales, and the magic they all hold. Through her creative work, she intertwines these elements, creating a world of her own.

In this class, we will unveil the secrets of her fairy alphabet, which she called Elfabet. We will explore the nuances of its lowercase and uppercase letters, uncover the sources of inspiration and principles for creating your own magical alphabet. Finally, we’ll apply this magic to a text composition, and see how it sets out on a journey.

• REQUIREMENTS: You already have some experience with calligraphy or you ́r intermediate or even advanced – perfect for this class. We will focus on skill regarding the quality of line and letterform, but also design and composition will be our aim.

SUPPLY LIST (excluded from the registration fee) WORLDWIDE SHOP • SHOP  IN ITALIA

– Practice paper (good paper suitable for writing with a pointed pen and plain paper for writing with a pencil)

– Tracing paper

– Pointed pen + your favourite ink

– Mechanical or usual pencil (but quite sharp)

– Colour pencils or/and liners


Alex Stelmashonok

A calligrapher-storyteller, artist and teacher, Alex is a vibrant creative force.

After graduating as a specialist in intercultural communication in 2010 she started working as a graphic designer. She has been actively participating in art exhibitions since 2008. In 2009-2010 she had a personal exhibition of her graphic works. In 2017, she had her first personal calligraphic exhibition. Since 2016 Alex has been teaching calligraphy and promoting it in every possible manner: showing its variety, exploring and pushing its limits, and giving educational lectures on this topic on various platforms including TEDx and international art festivals. To popularize calligraphy, she organised the creation of several group art objects and murals. Alex has written and designed three hardcover textbooks: on Copperplate, Spencerian and Flourishing.



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