“BODĒ CHARACTERS & BUBBLE LETTERS” – Online class with Mark Bodē


– Tuesday 18th May 2021
from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Rome Time)
Total 2 Hour Workshop in Direct Via ZOOM
The Zoom session will be recorded. If you are unable to watch live, you may still take the class.
Links for the videos will be sent to you after class has ended and expire in 2 weeks.

+39 349-6051804 (Whatsapp)

“The workshop is aimed at everyone: designers, professionals, students, graphic designers, tattoo artists, letter lovers, just curious people or anyone interested in calligraphy, both as an artistic medium and as a graphic element to complete or enrich an editorial or advertising work.

– Buy the Workshop through the normal e-commerce procedure of the site
– The days before the Workshop, you will receive the PDF handout and your personal address to access the Zoom Direct with the rest of the Class by mail.

– 2 Hours live on ZOOM shared with teacher and class with the possibility to interact at the moment.
– Handouts and Work sheets in PDF format
– Video recordings of the Class available for 2 weeks

The class is open — and has much to offer — to all levels of experience, from adventurous beginners to advanced pros.


A journey inside Bodē’s world and legacy made by iconic characters and iconic letterforms.
We will learn how to draw his colorful characters and letters, straight from the professional and revolutionary cartoonist that has influenced the underground and pop culture during the years: Mark Bodē! A lifetime occasion for the first time live on Zoom.

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Mark Bodē

(born February 18, 1963 in Utica, New York) is an American cartoonist. Bodé has also worked for Heavy Metal magazine and on The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. … Bodé is also a tattoo artist, spending many years working around Northampton, Massachusetts, although he now lives in California.
Bode attended Art School in Oakland California. At the New York City school of Visual Arts he took fine arts as his major and studied animation and etching at San Francisco State University. At fifteen he asked Heavy Metal Magazine to continuation what his father had started, to give a bit of colour to his black and white strip Zooks. Some of his publications are GYRO comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gwar comics and LIZARD of OZ. As a spray can muralist he has sprayed globally London, Spain, Italy, Germany, San Francisco and needless to say but graffiti artist love his work. His characters have been replicated many times and his characters have been given a voice that no one can ignore. Mark Bode is simply a master cartoonist.


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