1 Month Class – “SPENCERIAN – the graceful line” with Bakhyt Kadyrova


08, 15, 22, 29 April 2021 – from 3:00 pm (Rome Time, GMT+2+)
in Direct Via ZOOM

The Zoom session will be recorded. 



+39 349-6051804 (Whatsapp)

“The Workshop is aimed at everyone: designers, professionals, students, graphic designers, tattoo artists, letter lovers, just curious people or anyone interested in calligraphy, both as an artistic medium and as a graphic element to complete or enrich an editorial or advertising work.

– Buy the Workshop through the normal e-commerce procedure of the site
– The days before the Workshop, you will receive the PDF handout and your personal address to access the Zoom Direct with the rest of the Class by mail and the link for the dedicated Facebook Group


4 Meeting live on ZOOM during 1 month shared with teacher and class with the possibility to interact at the moment.
1 Meeting for each week, Duration of the single meeting is 1 hour + Extra time (max 30 minutes) for Q&A

– Homeworks and Comments every week by the Teacher
This is not exactly Homeworks Correction, it’s comments or suggestions by the teacher if the student, posts his homeworks on FB group.

– Handouts and Work sheets in PDF format, Video recordings available for 1 Month

– Exclusive Access to the Dedicated Facebook Group with exclusive contains
As exclusive contains i mean for example the scan of the demonstrations that the teacher made during the lessons (if the teacher agree)

• TOPIC: “SPENCERIAN – the graceful line”

Spencerian is famous for its flying hairlines, precise movement, organic simplicity, light touch and artistic flourishing. Created by Platt Rogers Spencer in the early XIX century, it immediately became popular and developed into various American penmanship styles. Today it is practiced by many handwriting enthusiasts around the world.
The coming month long workshop at Calligraphy Italia is designed for beginners and those who wish to improve their grounds of Spencerian writing skills. We will study Spencerian as a penmanship based on correct movement, rather than geometrical letterforms. The class program covers Spenserian basic drills, lowercase and uppercase principles, letter construction and variations, simple artistic flourishing.


Week 1

A quick overview of American penmanship
Characteristics of Spencerian
Review of tools, how to use the pointed nib
Posture and paper placement
Comfort zone
Different movements engaged in writing
First drills and exercises
Lowercase principles
Exercises to train basic lowercase principles
Rhythmical writing
Week 2
Warming up exercises
Review of common mistakes
Exercises to train ascenders and descenders
Construction of lowercase letters by groups
Joining letters into words
Letter spacing and word spacing
Writing short phrases
Week 3
Review of common mistakes
Uppercase elements: direct and indirect ovals, stems, balancing ovals
Construction of uppercase letters by groups
Writing words with uppercase letters
Writing sentences
Week 4
Review of common mistakes
Basic ornamental penmanship flourishing
Uppercase letters flourishing
Ending flourishing
Designing a text
Nowadays Spencerian masters

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Pointed nibs
If you are beginner to the pointed pen calligraphy the best would be a G-type nib (Nikko G, Zebra B, Tachikawa G).
If you like flexible nibs, go for Leonard Principal Extra Fine (EF), Gillott 303 or other extra fine nib of your choice.
Pen holder
For the purpose writing Spencerian script I use oblique pen holder with a regular metal flange. It is considered easier to manage than a straight penholder. I will demonstrate all writing with oblique pen holder. But if you have only straight pen holder, this will work as well.
Smooth, fine, vellum loose leaf practice paper 70-90 g/m. Size: A4 or letter size. Rhodia and Campus Kokuyo are recommended. High quality printer paper and marker paper may work too. You can start with blank paper and print grids on it. Further you might want to get also graph paper for practicing capitals, and lined paper to start getting off the grids.
A wonderful option available in Europe is simple french ruling paper with 2-3 mm interlinear spacing (e.g. from Clairefountain).
Any walnut ink, Higgins Eternal, Parker Quink, Pelican 4001, or any other dark fountain pen ink. Iron gall inks are good for finished works, but I do not use it for practice, because they «eat» nibs.
Other supplies
Pencil, ruller, water container, rag or towel. Optional: a regular ballpoint pen (not a rollerball or a gel pen), fountain pen with extra fine or fine pointed tip.


BAKHYT KADYROVA is calligrapher from Kazakhstan. She first taught at Calligraphy Italia in December 2020, when she presented Playful Monoline class which received many positive feedback. Now she will give a month-long class on one of her favorite scripts Spencerian. Bakhyt studied Spencerian penmanship initially by herself, and further enrolled in Michael Sull’s online Master Program at Ink Academy. One of her Spencerian pieces was recently published at The Calligraphy Ideas Book by Lyndsey Gribble. She uses business penmanship for making notes, and writes letters to her calligraphy friends in artistic penmanship style. She loves Spencerian for its meditative rhythms, relaxing arm movement, pleasant exercises developing a delicate and precise touch, and simple organic letterforms.


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